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12th of October


1487304_704248109609864_571621745_nWHY…WHY…WHY…I WANT TO KNOW WHY…NOT ONLY MY BELOVED MOM SAID THIS!!!!
My Mom encourage me during childhood, to keep secrets. Of course obedience was my first name, being the oldest daughter, second child out of eleven children. The first time my innocence little girl body felt a touch that erupted all emotional surfaces, confusions entered. Unexplainable mental thoughts began to overwhelm my heart. Fear to tell my Mom was undeniable to utter. Later in life growing up the realization of murder, suicide, & running away from the house of unspoken toxins, slowly became a choice driven from years of abuse. The place where I existed until I graduated from high school was no more. The child molester said, “if you tell what happened in this bathroom I will whip your ass,” later that becamed a fact after the age of five trauma began. Still afraid to Cry Out Loud. Praying after the doctrine of Catholicism First Communion Celebration. I tried to believe God would hide me. Being the oldest girl had perks, (snoop on grown folks conversations, serve coffee, lighting cigarettes on the gas stove, pouring drinks in coffee cups, hearing each female adult say to one another,”dont tell so & so OKAY.”
Still today females of all ages & cultures are still hearing the same best selling LIE EXPOSED.
Sue told one day, & still no one heard her cry.

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9th of March

Sues Cannot Please Everybody

There are some people in our lives that we do not want to disappoint. We go through great lengths just to please other people whose opinions we think matter. But this fear of disappointing others can be frustrating and limiting. You should remember that you cannot please everybody Sues. You can only do your best and if it is not good enough for someone then there is nothing more you can do to change their mind.
As long as you know you are doing the right thing then you do not need to answer to anyone. The only opinion that really matters is your own. If your efforts are not appreciated where you are, then maybe you are better off somewhere else. There will always be someone out there that would appreciate your skills and talents. You just have to find the right time and place to be. The Secrets you have held in your heart must be revealed! To all my Queens Sues!

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9th of March

Beautiful Morning

Sues mornings are very beautiful. I’ve even read somewhere that the Earth is the only planet with the most wonderful mornings. Are we enjoying this beauty? Perhaps, no. In such a busy world, this is how a morning goes: stop that alarm, check phone for messages or emails, twitter, instagram etc., and linger a bit on a favorite social media account to check on the trending stuff. Then, you rise up and grab a quick breakfast, take a shower, grab your clothes, and rush outside so as not to get late.

The whole day will soon become a rush, it feels like any other day. Then, at the end of it, you would feel worthless and beaten up. This is where the beauty of intention comes in. When you clear your mind and just re-connect of your innermost beat, you would intuitively know what you really want in a day. Zen masters have realized why setting an intention every morning can change your life. You don’t need to be a zen master to enjoy the benefits of it. Sues just be who you are…a “Queen” and still set intentions and enjoy life more because you can achieve more clarity, peace, and harmony with God first.

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29th of December

Sues Accept Yourself

It is true that our development as a person is greatly affected by the people around us during our childhood. You turn out to be who you are based on how you are raised. Some of your traits you have inherited from your parents. There is nothing you can do to fight it nor change that fact. Every Sues childhood story is unique, just like we are all meant to be unique. The “Secret” is not your fault. But Sues Release It …to someone you can trust that will love you through the pain. Today is healing for your soul, my Queens!
Although you may wish for things to have been better when you were younger, the past cannot be changed. You just have to accept yourself and all the other secret experiences that have made you that way.

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We lift ourselves by our thought. We climb upon our vision of ourselves. If you want to enlarge your life, you must first enlarge your thought of it and of yourself. Hold the ideal of yourself as you long to be, always everywhere. ~ Orison Swett Marden

my girls
29th of December

You Have A Choice Sues

Today my Queens becoming who we are is the essence of life. No one can make you feel bad or do anything without your consent anymore. Everything that happens in your life now is your choice. You are who you need to be because you chose it with “Secrets,” holding your dreams & goals for tomorrow. And if you do not like how things are or who you are becoming, just remember that you have a choice and you have the power to make a change in your life. You are who you need to be now, open your eyes wide and see the beauty inside of your hearts. But you can be who you want to be if you choose to really work hard to change for the better, starting now. Begin with writing your feelings in a journal or speaking into a mic. to release the pain that damage your heart & soul throughout the years in your life. You are loved by God, friends & family. Rock On Queen Sues!! for 2015 a fresh start in a “New Year.”

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19th of June

They Told Me

Christmas in Mexico…They told me Santa would come for me. I waited for days and still no Santa. I cried a lot, because I knew he loved me. So I thought. Fairy tales was all I knew. The real life killed the truth of what I used to hope for before I was. You know that word. Yes, did it happen to you too. It’s ok to cry and let the secret go. I promise Santa will come if you believe and close your eyes. Now, count to three and let the SECRET GO. Smile a while you will get better like me. There is Hope to live again.

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10th of June

“A Girl Named Sue With A Secret”

Think back to yesteryear… Not you, but your ancestors being molested. This was a normal interacting of sexual abuse. “Don’t tell anybody because you be whipped and done again.”

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20th of May

Do You Have A Secret Like Me?

I have a secret, what about you?  Have you ever been in a dark closet with no way out.
Someone locked the door, one day when then I heard a voice say. It’s a secret little girl. I began to cry, and bang on the door for him to let me out. Please, let me out. Please, I will be good again. This time being locked in the closet was different, then before. My heart beat was so fast that I could hear it. My body was shaken with fear. Due to the abuser of a stranger that knew my friends. Later, I calmed down for a little while when I heard footsteps leave the room. I could feel cool air blowing on my half naked body. It was coming through a crack in the corner of the closet.
I never really grew up inside, like a normal little girl. Because of the abuse that began at the age of five. Later to endure rapes, and beatings. I was confused about what a relationship should be between a man and a woman. I could not define love or feel passion from a man. Depression began to develop inside my soul. Leaving roots of bitterness and hate. The secrets, the awful secrets, disgusting secrets that dissolved my being slowly.
I blew up like a flaming hot volcano and one day I told my another woman with a secret like me. I trusted her to help me release my secrets and let them go. Later to find out after her death. The lovely lady died with her secrets and a beautiful smile. I can smile again today because, I later found the keys to unlock all my horrible secrets that held me hostage in my soul.
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20th of May

The Night My Soul Died

Shut the door man, and lock it. This one is mine how much you want. I got this man, shut the hell up b…. before I knock you in the head again. I said, man shut the door, I got this. The chill in a cold and dark room began to make me ill. I couldn’t help but get sick. That made him so mad he slap me and threw a towel over it. Then, I was dragged to another room that I could not see. I gave up screaming, but the tears began to flow like a river down my face.

Running naked down the street in total blindness.  Due to the beatings my eyes were shut tight. I could hear people talking, but no one helped me. My feet hurt from the rocks. A lady call me, honey but I didn’t know where she was.

I heard the fire trucks coming closer to my destination. One man said to another, get a few blankets to cover her up. At this point my body was limp from exhaustion and abuse. I recalled, someone picked me up and put my busied body on a bed. Why, were they whispering over me? Someone, said get the rape kit.


To be continued…

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