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19th of June

They Told Me

Christmas in Mexico…They told me Santa would come for me. I waited for days and still no Santa. I cried a lot, because I knew he loved me. So I thought. Fairy tales was all I knew. The real life killed the truth of what I used to hope for before I was. You know that word. Yes, did it happen to you too. It’s ok to cry and let the secret go. I promise Santa will come if you believe and close your eyes. Now, count to three and let the SECRET GO. Smile a while you will get better like me. There is Hope to live¬†again.

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10th of June

“A Girl Named Sue With A Secret”

Think back to yesteryear… Not you, but your ancestors being molested. This was a normal interacting of sexual abuse. “Don’t tell anybody because you be whipped and done again.”

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